RISQ Pre-sale & Release Dates

What is RISQ?
Risq Protocol is an on-chain options trading DEX / AMM on Binance Smart Chain. Later versions will also be deployed to Ethereum and Polygon.
On the Risq Protocol Options Desk, options buyers can determine the strike price they want and select between 4 different time periods. Buyers can also enter substantial depth facilitated by the AMM structure and have assured execution throughout the entire period of the option as a result of the liquidity that is locked up withing each option contract.

Liquidity Providers (LPs) act as Options Writers and are at the core of Risq Protocol members. LPs provide liquidity to the different Option Pools in order to allow options to be purchased. Since all options on Risq Protocol are 100% guaranteed by the primary crypto deposited in the pool contract, when the LPs increase in liquidity, more options can be written.

If this is the first time you are learning about Risq Protocol, you may also want to read the article posted on Medium titled “What is Risq Protocol?”. Further information can be found in our documentation, including step-by-step instructions on Buying and Selling Options. We have also prepared a helpful how-to video.

Some features:
• Non-custodial 24/7 global options trading
• Verified on-chain settlement of each option contract
• Choose any strike price for Call / Put options on 14 different tokens
• Exercise at any moment during the period of holding a contract
• Exercising is guaranteed by the liquidity locked on an option contract
• Censorship-resistant protocol without a KYC, email, or registration required
• Earn higher than average yields as a liquidity provider
• Liquidity and risk diversification among all the contracts for options writers

($RISQ Tokenomics )🐂
🔥 100,000,000 $RISQ 💰
🔥 35% Liquidity 🔒
🔥 31% Held in Treasury 💵
🔥 10% Team Vesting 🔐
🔥 8% Binance Bonding Curve 📈
🔥 8% Polygon Bridge Coming Soon 🌉
🔥 8% Ethereum Bridge Coming Soon 🌉

The Pre-sale event will be hosted on https://dxsale.app/ starting on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021. The softcap will be set at 100 BNB with hardcap of 200 BNB. 80% of the funds will be locked on PancakeSwap. All Risq Protocol smart contracts including the option pool contracts can be found here in our Gitbook Docs

The OptionsDesk will be available for public use at the end of the pre-sale on Monday, September 27th, 2021.

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