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3 min readOct 30, 2021


October has been an eventful time for Risq Protocol. Here is a recap of events during the month.

On October 1st Risq Protocol announced its Chainlink Price Feed integration on medium followed up by a post from the official Chainlink twitter account. Read the full blog post right here on Medium: https://risqprotocol.medium.com/risq-protocol-integrates-chainlink-price-feeds-to-help-secure-call-and-put-options-on-crypto-e3cb19b6e73

On October 7th $RISQ is added to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

One day after on October 8th Solidity.Finance releases its official audit report for Risq Protocol, the full report can be read here: https://solidity.finance/audits/RisqProtocol/

On October 15th Risq Protocol announces its partnership with AnySwap to bridge $RISQ to Avalanche and Polygon allowing the team to add multi-chain features to projects the project’s DeFi OptionsDesk. Read the full announcement here: https://risqprotocol.medium.com/risq-protocol-partners-with-anyswap-to-bridge-risq-to-polygon-and-avalanche-24464878d213

Three days after the AnySwap announcement on October 18th Coinspeaker.com published a review of Risq Protocol https://www.coinspeaker.com/risq-protocol-defi-options-trading/

On October 20th Risq Protocol is KYC Approved by Assure with its very own KYC NFT. You can view our compliance NFT here: https://www.assuredefi.io/projects/risq-protocol/

Oct. 22nd Options Contract Deployments on Avalanche Network for AXAV, WBTC, ETH and LINK.

RisqStakingAVAX — 0xD9B4806A672A8Da6666c9d9d4B3B30eF6311611d RisqAVAXOptions — 0x3f0c9d54418B569820DA42CE68c1a02ae696b98F RisqAVAXPool — 0x5454F33E563963ba578cefa1A4E3cB6B42F73422

RisqStakingWBTC — 0xe562eF7f719F97f915a9F53F8C54dA6155CA4797 RisqWBTCOptions — 0x209Ee82429FD4e26251ed01771338C94fCbAF717 RisqWBTCPool — 0x6249C0e395Ab75f047183B21d2755babBD795A6

RisqStakingETH — 0xe70aA6fB68D134333C95E3739B62dE42Ee43743e RisqETHOptions — 0xE1ffBB1999a5AB58c3cd8343823CE8E87A53e656 RisqETHPool — 0x5D6e644eBeE654a78BeB1207F33ce79Ca475Fd4E

RisqStakingLINK — 0x32E1e4502AE8aB3d9AFdC71bf34419Ea2d7eA37F RisqLINKOptions — 0x54fA24438370b5e7F64a1C78319d0c1048d14711 RisqLINKPool — 0x7095B510f402463df8dB51DE869629F7094487C2

Oct 26th Options Contract Deployments on Polygon Network for MATIC, WBTC, ETH and LINK

RisqStakingMATIC — 0xD9B4806A672A8Da6666c9d9d4B3B30eF6311611d RisqMATICOptions — 0x3f0c9d54418B569820DA42CE68c1a02ae696b98F RisqMATICPool — 0x5454F33E563963ba578cefa1A4E3cB6B42F73422

RisqStakingWBTC — 0xe70aA6fB68D134333C95E3739B62dE42Ee43743e RisqWBTCOptions — 0xE1ffBB1999a5AB58c3cd8343823CE8E87A53e656 RisqWBTCPool — 0x5d6e644ebee654a78beb1207f33ce79ca475fd4e

RisqStakingETH — 0xe562eF7f719F97f915a9F53F8C54dA6155CA4797 RisqETHOptions — 0x209Ee82429FD4e26251ed01771338C94fCbAF717 RisqETHPool — 0x6249C0e395Ab75f047183B21d2755babBD795A6f

RisqStakingLINK — 0x32E1e4502AE8aB3d9AFdC71bf34419Ea2d7eA37F RisqLINKOptions — 0x54fA24438370b5e7F64a1C78319d0c1048d14711 RisqLINKPool — 0x7095b510f402463df8db51de869629f7094487c2

On October 26th $RISQ/USDT was listed for trading on CoinTiger.com

The $RISQ Bridge to Ethereum is open and being tested as of October 29th.

The Risq Protocol community has grown to over 1,500 members on Telegram and 2,600 followers on Twitter.

The Total Liquidity Locked on Risq Protocol’s DeFi Options Dex reached $82,448.39 and the project saw a net profit from writing options as the largest liquidity provider on the platform.

Finally we close out the month with a detailed tutorial for trading Options on Risq Protocol.

About Risq Protocol
Risq Protocol offers decentralized risk and asset management Dapps starting with Defi Options trading on OptionsDesk. To learn more about Risq Protocol please join our Telegram



Risq Protocol

Risq Protocol is an on-chain options trading DEX and AMM on Binance Smart Chain. Later versions will be deployed to Ethereum and Polygon.