What is Risq Protocol?

Risq Protocol is a multichain Defi project encompassing financial products and services that empower users without barriers to entry. The project’s main goal is to provide a set of tools and dapps for risk and asset management on multiple blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and more as the list of EVM compatible blockchains continue to grow.

Risq Protocol Token

What utility does the Risq Token serve? The first thing to understand about RISQ is that you don’t need to own tokens to access Risq Protocol dapps. RISQ is the protocol’s governance token with that will have multiple use cases within the tools and services the project is developing. Initially, RISQ will be used to collect and earn trading fees on the Risq Protocol OptionsDesk.

Staking Lots

Every time a new option contract is opened the settlementFee function is called and 1% of the contract size is sent to the Risq Staking Lot of the crypto asset being traded. For example, 1 WBTC Call Option is leveraging 1 WBTC, 1 is the order size. A 1% settlement fee = 0.01 WBTC (see table below). Anyone with a staking RISQ in the WBTC staking lot will earn their share of the 0.01 WBTC. Staking Lots are limited to only 500 Lots per crypto asset.

If, for example, 100 WBTC options are being traded, then 1 WBTC is being earned by the WBTC staking pool. Best of all, settlement fees can be claimed immediately upon the creation of a call or put option.

Staking Lots on the OptionsDesk is just the first use case for the Risq Protocol Token. At launch there are 14 different staking lots allowing for diversification of passive income opportunities.

What makes Risq Different

Crypto markets have been flooded over the past 12 months with meme tokens and projects of no real significant use case. Risq Protocol seeks to provide multiple DeFi tools and dapps that can truly make use of structuring sound financial products secured by smart contracts. Instead of high-risk high yield projects that pay over the top APY% on their own token Risq Protocol rewards its token holders with high value rewards/tokens such as WBTC, ETH, BNB, BCH, LTC, CAKE, UNI, LINK, PAXG, mAMZN, mGOOGL and mTSLA. As more dapps are rolled out, more use cases for $RISQ holder will be available.

DeFi Products

The protocol’s first dapp, the OptionsDesk, will be ready at launch. OptionsDesk is a decentralized options trading platform for crypto and mirrored stocks.

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Risq Protocol

Risq Protocol


Risq Protocol is an on-chain options trading DEX and AMM on Binance Smart Chain. Later versions will be deployed to Ethereum and Polygon.